The Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science (GSS) at the University of New Hampshire is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide graduate level education in the applied and theoretical technology and applications of geospatial science. Students within the program are afforded the opportunity to build their five course requirement certificate from a variety of required and elective classes from different disciplines to best fit their academic, research, or professional interests. The flexibility of this program makes the program ideal for a student looking to complement their degree or a professional looking to build knowledge, skill and credentials within the Geospatial Sciences.


  • Starting Spring 2017, three new classes will be available through the UNH GSS Program: GSS 809: GIS for Water Resources, GSS 817: Remote Sensing for Earth and Environmental Science, and GSS 996: GIS Independent Study.
  • As of Spring 2017, students wishing to complete and Independent Study or Internship can now register for GSS 996. Please see the GSS Program Coordinator for permission.

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