Applying to the Program

Overview of the Program

The UNH Geospatial Science (GSS) Certificate Program is a program designed to complement a student’s current academic or professional interests with knowledge, skill, and methods in Geospatial Science. As where the program is a Graduate Certificate program, all students enrolled already have a bachelor’s degree when entering. The GSS certificate is often acquired by students currently enrolled in graduate level programs at UNH such as NRESS, Civil Engineering, Natural Resources, Ocean Mapping, and Earth Science, but is also acquired by professionals in search of Geospatial Science knowledge and training in search of new job skills. The program itself is multidisciplinary in nature so that students can choose classes from a list of requirements and electives from a variety of disciplines that best fit their academic or professional interests. Additionally, the program has been designed to be flexible in nature to provide students with alternative schedules and locations an opportunity to take classes in the program. Course within the program vary in length from normal full semester courses to alternative intensive summer, J-term, and half semester classes, with some classes also being offered on-line.

Application Deadlines

While applications received after a deadline will be considered, to receive priority, please submit application by the following deadlines. Early submissions are encouraged

Application Requirements

Applicants to the GSS Graduate Certificate Program come from a wide range of undergraduate majors and professional interests. Individuals are considered based on the quality of their work and its relevance to the particular area of study they wish to pursue.

All application materials for the GSS Graduate Certificate Program must be sent directly to the UNH Graduate School. Application materials as well as more specific details regarding the application process are available at the UNH Graduate School website.

UNH Post 9/1991: If you attended UNH after September 1st, 1991 and have indicated this on your application, then our office will retrieve your academic transcript internally. This includes UNH-Durham, UNH-Manchester and UNH Non-Degree work. However if you attended GSC, Keene or Plymouth then you must submit original transcripts.

All applicants are encouraged to contact programs directly to discuss program specific application questions.

Dual (Secondary) Option: A student can also pursue a certificate program as a secondary degree. Instructions on how to do this are provided on the application for a certificate as a secondary degree form.

Financial Aid

The UNH Geospatial Science Certificate Program is interdepartmental and for that reason does not directly offer any assistantships. Most students that are enrolled in degree programs in addition to the GSS Certificate Program are supported by funding for specific research projects from grants received by their faculty advisors, or through competitive scholarship and fellowship programs. A limited number of graduate assistantships and tuition waivers are available through the UNH Graduate School.

Assistance in Applying

If further assistance is needed in the application process, contact Michael Routhier, GSS Certificate Program Coordinator, at

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