Student Spotlight

Benjamin Borgmann-Winter

Benjamin Borgmann-Winter
Natural Resources

GSS Certificate Students

Student Name Degree Department
Riley Boss Certificate GSS
Amber Burgert Certificate GSS
Molly Cahill MS Natural Resources
Sarah Carlson Certificate GSS
Brittani Chapman MS Geochemical Systems
Glenna Dyson-Roberts MS Oceanography
Edward Glancy Certificate GSS
John Hastings Certificate GSS
Stephanie A. Kangas Certificate GSS
Hendrik Lenferink PhD Integrated Applied Mathematics
Emily Loring Certificate GSS
Tamara Marcus PhD NRESS
Daniel Mattingly Certificate GSS
Zachary Mcavoy Certificate GSS
Claire McGlinchey MS Natural Resources
Stephanie McNally MPP Public Policy
Barret Morse Certificate GSS
Paul Obi Certificate Geospatial Science
John Raymond Certificate GSS
Honora Tisell MS Natural Resources


Student Name Degree Year Department
Mary Kathleen Lisi MS 2024 Natural Resources: Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Julia H. Vieira Certificate 2024 GSS
Christine Bunyon MS 2023 Natural Resources
Ashley Burns MPH 2023 Health Management and Policy
Linnea Dwyer GSS 2023 GSS
Alexander Johnson Certificate 2023 GSS
Michael Thompson MS 2023 Natural Resources: Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Benjamin Borgmann-Winter MS 2022 Natural Resources
Anne Hartwell PhD 2022 Earth Sciences
Sally Anne Jarmusz Certificate 2022 GSS
Michelle Ward PhD 2022 Biological Science
Helene Bartsch Certificate 2021 GSS
Sara Edquist PhD 2021 Zoology
Apryl Perry Masters 2021 Earth Sciences
Jess Steketee PhD 2021 NRESS
Rebecca Beasley Certificate 2020 GSS
Simone Chapman Masters 2020 Natural Resources: (Env. Conservation)
Alexandra D. Evans PhD 2020 NRESS
Aaron Hume Certificate 2020 GSS
Onni Irish MS 2020 Earth Science
Nicholas Moore Masters 2020 Natural Resources: Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Sophia A. Burke PhD 2019 NRESS
Jessica DelGreco Certificate 2019 GSS
Benjamin Fraser PhD 2019 NRESS
Eric W. Heim MS 2019 Earth Sciences
Katherine Ineson PhD 2019 NRESS
Maranda Keller MS 2019 Biological Sciences
Ashley R. Norton PhD 2019 NRESS
Sarah Widlansky PhD 2019 Earth Science
William Brown Certificate 2018 GSS
Christopher D. Horruitiner MS 2018 ESCI
Sarah Quinn Certificate 2018 GSS
Kyle Ball MS 2017 NR: WLCB
Emily Bialowas MS 2017 NR
Katherine Swan Certificate 2017 GSS
David Tarushka MS 2017 Civil Engineering
Erin Nagel Certificate 2016 GSS
Brian Sullivan Certificate 2016 GSS
Michelle Daley Certificate 2015 GSS
Lisa Graichen MS 2015 NR
Rachael Mack MS 2015 NR
Andrew Moe MS 2015 NR: WLCB
Eliza Morrison MS 2015 Zoology
Sydney Nick MS 2015 NR: TIDES
Lauren Sutherland Certificate 2015 GSS
Matthew Wallhead PhD 2015 Plant Biology
Alkier Camonayan Certificate 2014 GSS
Natallia Leuchanka MS 2014 NR: TIDES
Dan Walters MS 2014 Hydrology
Fang Yao MS 2014 Earth Sciences: Ocean Mapping

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